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Guess what? I, Josh, am a vlogger. I share an inside look into what I do day to day here at YPB. My videos range from talking about the lessons I’ve learnt building, to timelapses, to build overviews!


I’ve found videos as a super useful tool to engage with my clients and the building industry. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.


Below I’ve placed a few must watch videos that I recommend to people interested in building. Check them out!


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3 Tips on Making Your New Build Decisions // NZ Builder

In this video, we’ll talk to you about the decision-making process and how we tackled it and what we learnt building on the section nobody wanted.


Building My Family Home // Start to Finish

Capturing the raw building process from start to finish. Right from mowing the lawns to break ground all the way through to making the flat-pack furniture and pouring a beer. The section was first subdivided in 2004 and then sat empty for years,. Many locals looked at it, no no one was keen, we called it “The Section No-Body Wanted”.

Crofton Downs House – Start to Finish

This video is all about the 5 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 2 living room house in Crofton Downs. Find out what went well and what we had to overcome to complex this large home. 

Build Consent OVERVIEW 2021

This isn’t the first video I’ve done on build consent but recently things have changed. Wait times for booking in with designers are longer and delays are frequent. In this video, I’ll break down who’s involved and what timeframe you can expect.

Material Delays / Site Update

In this video, we talk about how our forethought on materials has paid off. We reiterate the importance of planning out the build and locking in decisions early. We also check out one of the builds in a site visit to update you on how the job is going. 

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