The Section Nobody Wanted

Build Timelapse - Start to Finish

The section nobody wanted was named as such because it was on the market for 6 years. Every man and his dog had come to see it and decided against purchasing it for one reason or another. It wasn’t an easy sight to build. The section sloped down in two directions. There was a protected tree and drainage easements as well as a tight winding driveway. However, we had a vision for the section and decided to take it on. 

The design

We built a 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2 living room home with a double garage. By working with the prime designs we were able to make the most of the orientation of the section. Our living and kitchen space really captures the sun because they are north facing and have large windows. We also have two outdoor living areas both north facing. 


Above is a render of the build based on the plans. This ended up being very similar to the finished product.

Bespoke Kitchen

Heating and Cooling


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