Hey team, I’m Josh and I’m the Director of YPB Building. Here at YPB, we’ve been working on something exciting behind the scenes.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers have a stress-free and enjoyable experience when building their homes. We know that the process of building can seem overwhelming and daunting. We also know that building a home is a lifelong dream for many and should be extremely exciting.

Here at YPB, we aim to take the stress off your hands to allow you to enjoy the fun parts of the building, whatever that may be for you. We believe the building journey happens in five stages, which is why we’ve created a 5-step checklist to summarise the build process.

To make your lives easier we are aiming to create 5 short videos summarising each of these steps involved. In each of the 5 steps, we have listed the milestones that will be ticked off upon completion of that particular stage.

The following videos will be used to explain each of these steps in more detail. These videos will be helpful if you’re looking to build with J&K, are in the process of building or just to expand your knowledge and fuel your curiosity. For example, step one is “the journey begins’ which includes site consultation, concept designs, specifications, pricing and sign contracts.

Once each of these stages are complete, we will be providing a milestone card to the client. This is to keep you (the client) up to date and involved in the building process which helps to build reassurance and excitement. It also acts as motivation for you and our team because it shows that we are one step closer to finishing your dream home. We are all in this together and your satisfaction is our top priority.

 If you’d like to know more, check out the Introduction video.