So how much money do you need to build a home in 2021? The short answer is a lot.

So will depend on a few things. What do you want to build?

For a rough Idea, the house we are building up in Birchville is a small 3 bedroom, 130m^2 family home on a flat site and it is costing roughly $400,000. This includes everything from building consent all the way through to the driveway being poured. Some things we don’t include are curtains and drapes.

This site is a subdivision and to chop it up and complete the resource consent work costs around 150,000 for a standard two lot subdivision. Obviously, these figures are averages and site-specific and there are ways to bring them down or push them up.

on the higher end the 2 story, 5 bedroom, 270m2 home in Crofton Downs sets in the 700k to 800k territory. Things that can drive this price up or down are things like do you want tiled showers? What sort of flooring do you want? What sort of things are you going to put in the kitchen? What sort of heating are you going to install? These are some key areas were your choices can really change the price noticeably.

If you go for mid-range products on a build similar to the Crofton Downs house you could definitely aim to be in the 700s.

The bigger the house gets the more the square meter rate drops. Smaller houses still need plumbing, drainage, building consent and a kitchen and you find with smaller builds the square meter rate is higher.

It costs a lot of money to build homes right now and part of this is the number of components that go into every build from foundations to a driveway being poured. The more clear you are to use about your budget the easier it is going to be for us to tell you if your goals for a home are achievable.

By being honest with each other we can work out if working together will be mutually beneficial and avoid wasting each other’s time.