A common question we get here at YPB is:

“hey my mates a sparkie or a plumber can we get him to work on the build?”

We understand that this may seem like a good idea because it’s someone you know well and trust. However, just like you, we want to use people we trust and work with on a regular basis.

YPB is a team and that extends to our subcontractors. We have working relationships with these people and they know what our expectations are. We choose these people because they are reliable and if issues occur we know they are prompt and resolve them quickly.

Our team is used to working together, everyone is on the same page and everyone knows what everyone is supposed to do. We are regularly talking to all our guys so if there is an issue we can jump on it.

A thing to remember when you’re using a housing company is that you’re using a system set up with a team of people. When you start cherry-picking roles out of that team you mess with the team dynamic. This makes everyone’s job a little harder and makes mistakes creeping in more likely.

One of the biggest issues we have encountered with using people you know is that usually they will run it as a “cashie”. Typically cashies are done outside of work hours. This will usually mean the build will come to a grinding halt and all the other subcontractors will need to be rescheduled.

This not only holds up your build but annoys all the other subcontractors who will then move on and your build gets bumped to the bottom of the list.

The rescheduling of these subcontractors is a fine art and requires a lot of administration behind the scenes.

There are certain cases where we would consider assigning certain parts of the build outside of the contract. This would be limited to one or two items maximum and they would be on a case by basis. We would still use our core sparky, plumber and drain layer.

In summary, you’ve come to YPB for not just for the great builders but for our entire team. This includes subcontractors that we trust, that have a good processes, work well with us and most importantly will resolve issues if and when they arise.

Please consider all these things before asking us to exclude a massive part of your build from the contract.