Build Consent Process

What is building consent? Here in New Zealand, it’s where the local council gives written approval under the Building Act that allows a person to carry out building work. A council will issue a building consent only when it is satisfied the proposed building work will meet the requirements of the Building Code. The first […]

Where Is YPB Based?

Where is YPB based? You may have seen us all over the internet and want us to do your job. Believe it or not, we have had inquires from Auckland, Taihape and New Plymouth. We love fare field inquires because it’s cool to see the name being spread out there. However, right now we are […]


What is a variation A variation is any changes to the fixed-price contract after it has been signed Why do they cost What are extra costs Often with a variations it’s not just the actual cost of the item but the management cost off-site that adds to the cost. This includes finding, ordering and scheduling […]

Can I Use A Mate On The Build?

A common question we get here at J&K is:   “hey my mates a sparkie or a plumber can we get him to work on the build?”   We understand that this may seem like a good idea because it’s someone you know well and trust. However, just like you, we want to use people […]

How Long Is The Build Process?

How long does it take? A lot of this depends on how good you are at making decisions. We encourage you to spend a lot of time in the design phase getting the vision for your property just right. If we rush this stage it ends up costing more money and time later on in […]

Set Plans

Do you do set plans One of the questions I often get asked is “do you do set plans?” The answer to that is no and here’s why. You see a lot of housing companies having set plans with fancy names after trees and beaches. While this is great, what I’ve found is your site […]

New Build Journey Explained in 5 Steps

Hey team, I’m Josh and I’m the Director of YPB Building. Here at YPB, we’ve been working on something exciting behind the scenes. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have a stress-free and enjoyable experience when building their homes. We know that the process of building can seem overwhelming and daunting. We also […]

3. Specifications

Welcome to the blog here we will post alongside our new build process videos. This weeks post is all about specifications. There are so many decisions involved when building a home and it can all seem a bit overwhelming but in this post, I’ll explain the process and how we make specification decisions with our […]