Welcome to the blog here we will post alongside our new build process videos. This weeks post is all about pricing. Pricing is a complicated process and involves a lot of different factors. It might feel like we are just throwing darts at a dartboard or spinning a roulette wheel to pick out a random number for you but that’s not the case.

In order to price your house, we break it down into a series of components called line items. Line items are things like consent fees, digger costs, plumber costs, gas-fitters, drain layers, foundations etc. We use your designs and specifications to get quotes for these line items and that is how we formulate the basics of your fixed price.

This process of nailing down a fixed price varies. Usually, by the time there is some back and forth between myself and the suppliers and myself and you, it’s about two to four weeks.

The price includes everything to get your house from the initial concept all the way through to the code of compliance. N The structure, foundations, cladding and roofing, but it also includes all of the plumbing material you need inside, as well as, the kitchen, flooring, appliances from Harvey Norman, the carpet, your electricals, light fittings, power points, basically everything you need to get that get open the front door and move in.

A lot of people hold their budget really close to their chest and I think they’re worried that the builder will gobble all that up unnecessarily. But if you’re honest about your budget we can work with you to try and achieve that or tell you why it may be going over budget and why.

Here at YPB, we’re not going to be the cheapest option out there, we believe in doing things right so that your home lasts while still staying competitive in the market. Hopefully today I’ve helped you understand the pricing process a little more and when you receive a quote it doesn’t just feel like number drawn a random.