Welcome to the blog here we will post alongside our new build process videos. This weeks post is all about specifications. There are so many decisions involved when building a home and it can all seem a bit overwhelming but in this post, I’ll explain the process and how we make specification decisions with our clients.

Specifications are a list of all the individual items required to build a home. We’re talking about skirting profile, door handles, window joinery, front door, etc. They’re the things that will make up the look and feel of your home. This information is needed earlier own as it priced and included in your quote. We start with a standard specification document but then you liaise with your build or designer on and they’ll help guide you to make sure this document captures everything you want for your home.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help we’ve done this a few times and have the knowledge and experience to answer any questions. We realise a lot of people undergoing this process will be doing so for the first time and so we are not afraid to answer your questions as silly as you may think they are. If you don’t know the specific technical terms take lots of pictures. A picture is literally worth a thousand words and that’s the best way for us to work with you to work out exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

Specifications is a big word and can be overwhelming but once you start to break it down and work your way through the process the decisions start to naturally come together. More than likely you already have an idea in your head about the look and feel of the home. By working with the designer and tradie you can get those ideas in your head out and on to paper. This means that everyone is talking in the same language and we can turn your vision into reality.