Welcome to the blog here we will post alongside our new build process videos. This weeks post is all about concept design. This stage is where you get to shape your house and it’s your first chance to see what your home might look like. 

One of the things I encourage all my clients to do is set a realistic budget right at the start of this process and to clearly communicate that to everyone involved. Don’t keep it secrete because the more everyone involved in the process knows your budget the more we can work together to come in on time and on budget.

First up we’ll meet for an initial consultation, to establish the initial brief. How many bedrooms do you need? What size home, how many living rooms? etc. Once an initial concept design is produced we’ll go through two rounds of revisions. This is your chance to go through everything on these pieces of paper and make sure they capture the look, style, feel, size and budget of the home you are trying to create. If you feel like you need more revisions this is definitely okay. However, revision one and two are included in my base rate and anything after that is charged at an hourly rate.

The design can be changed down the road, however, the further into the build you get the more costly those changes are going to be. I would highly recommend you take as many revisions as you need to get your plans looking and feeling the way you want now. Don’t just sign something off if you’re not quite happy with it.

Once you are happy with the concept design we send it to the technical stage, which is working drawings. This is where your five-page concept design document (site layout, floor plan, elevations, details) gets transformed into a twenty-five-page document full of details.

The concept phase is when we start to take your dream and your vision and turn it into a plan that every tradie and every supplier can use to bring your vision to life.