Welcome to the blog here we will post alongside our new build process videos. Our first topic in the build process is site consultation. This is an important stage as you and your builder meet on-site to discuss the build to come. 

I believe it is imperative you involve the builder at these early stages to help grasp possible unforeseen costs and difficulties. In the site consultation, we will discuss in relation to your section. These may be things like sloping sites or difficult access for delivery of materials. A builder thinks about all these things in advance and although they’re not difficult problems to solve, they’re something we all need to think about and incorporate into the plans and budget.

In a site consultation we’ll cover where it’s located, what is the site like, what difficulties we might encounter. We’ll also talk about your wants vs your needs and this will be things like you’re looking for a four-bedroom home with two living areas and a garage. Using this information we can set a broad level budget that we are all working towards and you can go to the architect or the designer with that in mind. We’ll also discuss some details around materials you might like to use and if you’re unsure about these I suggest you bring along some photos of houses and materials you like. This will help your builder understand more clearly what you are trying to build. It’s like that old saying a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here at YPB, I am willing to do a no obligations site consultation to give you honest answers like can we build what you’re asking for in the time you’re asking for it with the budget you’re asking for it?

So if you’re looking for a builder and you’ve got a piece of land in mind even if you’re thinking about subdividing get in contact with us here at YPB so we can set up a site consultation.